The Power of Regular and Productive Retrospective Meetings for Agile Development Teams

It’s always appreciated when we get feedback from our clients; it’s their input that helps guide us as we learn, grow and evolve TeamRetro. Their stories are why we do what we do. That’s why we are delighted to share [...]

Beyond the Surface: Unearthing Valuable Metrics from Retros and Health Checks for Team Growth

Welcome to the Insights feature of TeamRetro. Insights brings metadata from your meetings to the surface. This will help identify trends and gaps, give you a sense of team mood, health and sentiment, and understand the rate of continuous [...]

Nine Top Agile Retrospective Ideas and Games to Keep your Team Engaged

We all lose focus from time to time. As retrospectives get repeated and stale, people start to hit auto-pilot and get side-tracked or distracted in the retrospective. They start getting vague with their responses, put on their grumpy pants, or [...]