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TeamRetro is an enterprise-ready agile retrospective and health check meeting tool.
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Agile retrospectives

TeamRetro agile retrospectives are built to more effectively run engaging and action focused meetings with your team, wherever they are.

Time saving features, intitutive and device friendly interfaces and real time idea and action capture lets you better facilitate meetings and give teams more time to talk about what really matters.

Team health checks

When you and your team have insight into current motivations, impediments and challenges, you can better identify opportunities for improvement.

Use industry models or custom create your own health check and discover what will motivate your team and drive value and velocity for your project.

Squad Health Check

Quick idea grouping

Automatic suggestion of similar ideas for affinity theming in TeamRetro

Save time by using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to suggest related ideas for grouping.

Present and discuss

Discuss ideas at your retrospective meeting

Use presentation mode to focus everyone on a specific idea. Capture comments as you go and keep people engaged.

Team action list

Create action items at any stage. Assign owners, due dates and completion. One continual list means important items won’t be lost.

Fully customizable

Customize your  agile retrospective template to your team. Make it anonymous or change your topics.

Works on any device

Run your agile retrospective on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – using any modern web browser.

For remote teams

Built for distributed and remote teams. Easily invite people and include everyone in the conversation.

Enterprise ready

We know that organisations need something to get working quickly in a safe and reliable way.
We take security seriously and work constantly to ensure that your data remains secure and confidential – learn more.

Single Sign On

Single sign-on via SAML is included in all plans. (GSuite, OneLogin, OKTA…)

End-to-End Encryption

Your retrospective data is protected with 256 bit SSL (bank-grade) encryption over the wire, and AES256 encryption on our servers.

Secure Datacenter

We utilise SOC2-certified infrastructure to provide you peace of mind.

High Availability

Run your retrospective as and when you need it with a 99.9% uptime SLA. View our status dashboard.

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