Nine Top Agile Retrospective Ideas and Games to Keep your Team Engaged

We all lose focus from time to time. As retrospectives get repeated and stale, people start to hit auto-pilot and get side-tracked or distracted in the retrospective. They start getting vague with their responses, put on their grumpy pants, or [...]

We Used TeamRetro’s Health Check as a Mood Meter and Safety Check – This is what we found.

If you are anything like us, you value the happiness of the team of people you work with. Ensuring everyone can grow and feels supported is essential. Fostering a safe and fun environment is key to this. However, monitoring a [...]

Learn About Agile Principles with the Coin, Paper Airplane, DevOps Games and more.

Agile Games are a great way to get your team familiar with and to practice the key principles of agile software development. They create a safe space for teams to explore their creativity, problem-solving, and communication in a fun [...]