Here at TeamRetro, we’re excited to share  features to make your online, hybrid or face to face retrospectives even more organized, accessible and creative.

We’re pleased to introduce a feature where you are able to define your own retrospective templates either for your team, or at an organizational level for all teams! Save your favourites in your template library that you can then use to run again.

Let’s find out how this works.

Create Retrospective Templates for a team

Team Level Retrospective Template

This feature is applicable for one team who might want to creatively customise their own retrospective but is only relevant or applicable to just that one team.

For example, we created an Avengers themed customised retrospective template!

Avengers Retrospective

Creating Icons from Icons8, we went about representing different aspects of our online retro. Here’s what we came up with.

  • Captain America: What do we want to protect?
  • Iron Man: What experiments should we try?
  • Hulk: What do we want to change?
  • Black Widow: How can we improve our team?
  • Thor: What are our biggest strengths?
  • Hawkeye: What support do we need?

You can create your own team retrospective templates when you create a new retrospective, or under your team settings.

Create and Sharing Retrospective Templates for the organization.

This feature is very handy if you would like your teams across the whole of your organization to use the same retrospective templates so that it is consistent or aligns with your culture, language and values.

If you create an organizational template, these will be accessible by all users associated with your organization’s accounts. It’s a creative way to share the love of good practice, successful retrospectives and even offering choice and alternatives for your colleagues and fellow scrum masters.

You can create your own organisational retrospective templates when you create a new retrospective, or under your organisational settings tab.

Questions about our new feature?

Thank you to our community of TeamRetro users for this suggestion. This idea first came from a financial institution in France who had an extremely creative team. They created custom templates including  the “Three Little Pigs” asking what would fit under a House of Straw,  a House of Sticks and a House of Bricks.

If you have any questions about this new feature, reach out to us anytime.