What is the Squad Health Check?

Spotify Squad Health Check – reproduced under Creative Commons Attributions-ShareAlike license
TeamRetro’s digital version of the squad check means you can efficiently and effectively collect the input from people in real time, whether or not they in the same room or distributed. Results are tallied and sorted visually and you can keep a track of the squads progress over time with the need for manual collation, saving you a bunch of time. In-built sparklines, comment, and action item capturing and sorting dimensions from most positive, most negative or most mixed first lets you focus and hone squad discussions.
Squad Health Check

Based on careful experimentation over many years, the Squad Health Check Model by Spotify labs is one exercise an agile coach or team should have as part of their meeting toolbox. Simple traffic light indicators are used to visually identify problems and allow each member in the team to quickly share their perception. For the squad itself, it builds awareness, a balanced perspective and gives everyone in the team an opportunity to share. For managers and coaches, it allows them to quickly identify what will best support the team, as well as identify any common issues across multiple squads.

Squad Health Check dimensions

How to run a Squad Health Check in TeamRetro

Start Health Check

Your Health Check Template is ready to go.
Log into TeamRetro and choose the Health Check template you would like to use then click Start HealthCheck.

Invite Participants
Invite your team wherever they are.
Invite by a unique and secure code, email address, share a link, use a QR code or post to your Slack channel to get the team started quickly. They can use their phone, tablet or PC.
Health Check Survey
Survey the team independently and efficiently
Ask the team to go through each dimension and reflect on their experience to date and rate the team’s health along each health check dimension. You’ll see when everyone has finished.
Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Reveal and discuss the results

All the results are tallied instantly and visualised using a traffic light and emoticons to keep things clear and simple. Automatically sort the dimensions if you would rather discuss the most positive, the most negative or the most mixed responses first. Sparklines show you the trends based on previous health checks.

Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Keep conversation on track with Presentation Mode
Switch to presentation mode to take the team through each dimension one-by-one and keep the conversation focused. Everyone’s device will be synched to follow along making it easier to facilitate. Capture comments and actions along the way so all the important things are captured.

Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Review your action plan
After you have finished the discussion, you can review overall action plan. Assign action owners and set due dates for additional accountability. You can also review your existing team actions from prior retrospectives or health checks.

Grouping of ideas after brainstorming in a retrospective meeting

Share the results
Great work, you are all done! Share the results with your team or download your actions in Microsoft Excel, CSV or PDF format. The results from your Health Check are added to your dashboard so you can track how your team progresses over time and visualise change.