You can now add a background image or illustration to your retrospective!

That’s right, with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” as our inspiration, this new feature helps you set the mood, create a little fun and inspire your team.

While words can be used to “describe” and “explain” illustrations can be used to “show”. Not only that, illustrations can also  –

  • communicate concepts
  • evoke emotions
  • spark ideas

Creating this new feature was the perfect excuse for us to collaborate with our friend and talented Illustrator, Nelson Yap. Nelson created a number of illustrations based on our fun retro templates. Here are three of them here –

Hot air balloon retrospective image

Hot Air Balloon Retrospective

Three Little Pigs retrospective image

Three Little Pigs Retrospective

Roller coaster retrospective image

Roller Coaster Retrospective

You can check out more of Nelson’s work here.

When adding background illustrations you can choose from –

  • TeamRetro’s background illustrations
  • a background photo
  • one of your own

The background will only appear on your online retro, not exports and reports. If the image isn’t quite right for the mode you’re using you can always adjust its opacity.

We hope these images help you establish a light mood that puts people at ease while appealing to the creative thinkers in your team.

Find out more about adding a background image to your retrospective, here.

Happy retro-ing!