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TeamRetro makes your remote retros easy, efficient and action-focused.

Invite your team easily

Get started quickly with TeamRetro. Your team members won’t need to create individual accounts.


Share a unique link with your team members.


Share your unique nine-digit retrospective code.


Invite your team by email.


Notify your team members via your team Slack channel.

Single Sign On

Sign in with your organization’s identity provider.


Capture ideas privately

Whether your team members are in the same room or distributed, ideas can be captured in real time individually before the group discussion. Overcome groupthink and get more honest responses with TeamRetro. Everyone gets a say, including when they are ready to move to the next stage.


Combine related ideas

Consolidate ideas with our simple drag and drop interface. Use our natural language processing system to suggest groups to you. You’ll be amazed at the amount of time you can save when voting and discussing.


Focus on whats important

Have each person in your team privately vote on what is most important. This avoids anchoring and groupthink. The top-voted items become the focal point for discussion. Keep your team engaged with what matters most.


Present, discuss and create actions

Use TeamRetro’s presentation mode to focus attention. Create actions for continuous improvement.  One action list helps you keep track of progress.

Bring your retrospectives to life

Explore new ways to get your team engaged using TeamRetro’s customisation features. Set the retrospective topics to uncover new ideas. Use collaborative brainstorming for full visibility or individual brainstorming to create a safe space to ideate. Decide how votes and groups are collated and displayed. It’s your retrospective, your way.

Enterprise ready

We know that enterprises need more – priority support, Single Sign On, high availability and user administration tools – we’ve got you covered. Contact us to learn more.

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