1906, 2020

How to manage the BMWs in your retrospectives

Manage BMW in retrospectives with these 7 tips! There’s an acronym used in Agile - BWM - and we don’t mean Bayerische Motoren Werke, the German brand of luxury cars well known around the world. We’re talking about the “Bitching, Moaning, Whinging” session that can sometimes happen during retrospectives. As much as we would love to believe that retrospectives are always rainbows and sunshines with a focus on the [...]

2401, 2020

3 Nifty Ways to Keep Your Retros Fun and Exciting!

As important as sprint retrospectives are, there's also the chance that repetition breeds familiarity. It becomes a chore rather than an opportunity for continuous improvement. Having fun, fresh ideas for your scrum team whether they are distributed or in the same room can shift mindsets and bring back energy. As part of our job to try out different techniques and games from time-to-time, we found 3 simple ways that can revitalize [...]

2401, 2020

Understanding team health data and what to do next

Running regular health checks sets the culture and tone for your team. It signals that you value and want to hear their voice about how they feel about their work. It is a valuable exercise that gives everyone insight into where problems might exist and to become the focus of the sprint retrospective. TeamRetro's health check comes in either a radar or emoticon formats depending on how you like to [...]